Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oz Day

Happy Australia day!! Well in a sense it is no longer Australia now that I am typing this as in Australia it has moved on to the 27th. But, I am holding a torch up for it still. I have just proceeded in making my first ever pavlova and it looks more like a squashed hat. I am having some international guests come over tonight, but not I am going to try to get another one done before they get here. Also we have the Lamington, ANZAC biscuits, and a couple of meat pies. Should be a hoot with a couple of glasses of wine. The mean time I shall stream the Triple J's hottest 100 as mood music.

Mount Lamington sitting outside to stay cool and fresh

The first failed pav and the Anzac biscuits

Liquid refreshments

Aussie Aussie Aussie Pie pie pie

Roo pie

That sad pav again.


Rose said...

Your pavlova really made me laugh. I have been following your blog for a while and thought you couldn't fail in the kitchen so I was somehow relieved to see you defeated by it! Although your spread did make me ashamed that I had spent my Australia Day watching 'The Wire' (with subtitles) and eating curry.

Anyway just wanted to let you know I'm following you and love your photos and curiosity about food.



Gee Em said...

haha, thanks Rose, I think..... The two biggest failures I have had in Poland was this Pavlova, and my elderflower champagne, which while fabulous tended to explode quite a lot!

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