Friday, January 20, 2012

The river Biebrza at Goniądz is famed for its crystalline water and the beautiful wilderness around it. It is in the middle of nowhere, and being the middle of nowhere the roads are like driving on velvet. If that velvet has been land mined and was a testing ground for high explosives.

The family that paddles together stays together

Paddle ho.

I heart fluffy clouds
See, more clouds.

Stroke, stroke. Forwards go forwards

This makes me think of Dutch paintings like Vermeer.

Look at this unison.
Now someone isn't even trying

Gotta love a man with the hooters.

Me being an impressionist

More Vermeerian
Weedy good.

Reflections of a deck

Pier reflections
It was all just too much for some.
There you have the Biebrza, beautiful not just because it is beautiful but because there are few people there.

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