Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sokolka photoworld

Time to head to the East of Poland for some of the late last 2011 photos. Showing some of the landscapes about the area commonly referred to as "Poland B" for the feeling of its residents that it doesn't gain the investment of the rest of the country. It may be true, I am yet to see the books balanced per population, but what the lack of highways, airports and train lines does is that it makes it a beautiful wilderness, full of forests, which are full of mushrooms and wildlife. All of Poland's remaining Zubr (Bison) live in this region and when you are here it just has a real earthiness to it.


Weedy sun

Fruit and fly

Lonely Apple

I am Beaver
Leave it to Beaver

A great straight drive

The final Axe. Take that dead tree
You have to admit this ruptured boiled egg looks a little like a chicken coming out, no?
Next we shall paddle the Biebrza River.

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