Saturday, January 14, 2012

Warsaw Streets ahead

So, after pillaging South Australia for photographs, I thought I would skip Singapore for now, and come back to Warsaw. Yes, it is bloody freezing today outside. In fact we have had our first "snow" fall. I say "snow" as mostly it was ice, and if it hasn't melted totally has turned into some kind of slippery horrid mess. As many of the first snows do. Still, it was overnight snow and we haven't had a decent day snow, unless you count yesterday when I was walking to the tram in horizontal wet snow, resulting in being drenched on only one side of my body. Not the nicest of feelings in about 0C, but such is life.

The photos you are about to see are actually from August last year. I still have about 4 months of photos to go through, so it will never be a dull moment that is for sure. Going to Australia for a month really put me behind with keeping up to date. For two reasons, one it ensured I wasn't able to process and put up blog posts as I was always busy and two, because it meant I took about 38GB of photos and another 9GB in Singapore. So, yeah. There has to be plenty to get through still. Hope I can do it, and do it quickly to keep you entertained.

I think building details are really lost on modern architects, luckily we still have remnants

I can't even tell you why I like this, I just do.

This is really freaky if you scroll up and down over this picture.
Slodki slony means sweet and salty. Not sure I want a salty pavlova though.

I could make a "reflections" pun here, but it is actually a building in Atlantis.

Locked in.
Hey pretty lady, why the sad face?

What an odd shadow, no?
Around Warsaw you see so many old metal objects peeking out of walls, the uses of which have been lost. I always wonder what they were for.

But is it just me going nuts or is there a face of one of Statler or Waldorf aka grumpy men from the muppets here?

Lion about.
If this is Lion's House, does this mean that the lion sleeps today?

Building Pasties or tassels??

Flags with meaning.
More flags with meaning.

I really love Ivy, not sure why everyone else hates it apart from the leaf mess, the damage to buildings and maintenance

Papierowka in the window. Simply yet lovely display.
Half a litre of beer is about 1.4AUD, .94GBP, or 1.44USD, and a sausage is double the price always makes me giggle.
And we finish at the ponderosa of Nowy Swiat.

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