Saturday, January 28, 2012

I got chills, they are multiplying

So as I type this, the temperature outside is -13.3C. Normally around the January/February changing of the months it is the coldest in Warsaw. This year with the very mild winter we have had then plunging into the double figures of minus temperature has been a really huge shock. If you are ever interested in the weather in little old Warsaw then you can check it here, at the website of the technical university. It updates every 5 minutes and, being technical boffins, I am sure they are accurate.

So with all this coldness about I thought it was time to show some photos that reflected this.

Frosty trees

Frosty bits
Frosty tips

Frosty twigs
Frosty tips
ok I am running out of rhyming things - Frost

Frosting points

spikey sticky
Spiken and Lichen

Everything will be all white
Setting sun

All blue

Will it be the end of winter?


Tom Otomcio said...

Great photos. It looks incredibly cold there. I was in Katowice a couple of years back in -19c. Amazing feeling on the lungs!

Cheers. Tom

Gee Em said...

Hey Tom, very fresh feeling. I like to breath it in through my nose and have it freeze my nostril hairs haha. Strange I know, but for an Australian it is an odd pleasure. Thanks for reading.

pharmacy said...

What an awesome set of photos! you are the most incredible photographer I've ever seen!

Gee Em said...

wow thanks pharmacy! Greatly appreciated.

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