Friday, January 06, 2012

Not quite a beach

The Sahara. Is sand. The Sahara. Is big. The Sahara. In KI. 

On Kangaroo Island there is also a series of sand dunes called, yes, Little Sahara. Of course it is better than the Sahara, because if you get thirsty you can jump in the car and go down to Vivonne Bay and get a beer or soft drink and then go to the beach.

Tough getting a picture of this with all the glare from the extremely white sand.

The kids trails across the sand.

You can see that the sand is always on the move like all dune systems
Looks steep, right?
Wind ripples on the crest.
The highest point of the dunes.

So to give you an idea of scale. Marty on the top of the dune.

On her way down
Still coming down
And still coming down. Not such a little Sahara after all.
Still so much more to see on this little island!

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