Friday, January 06, 2012

Kangaroo Island Beaches

Being an island, the beaches of course are everywhere. They are also quite amazing. One of the fabulous beaches that is little visited, but is really something pleasant is Bales Beach. It is on the South Coast and near Seal Bay so sometimes you will get lucky and see a seal lounging about, apparently, as we didn't see one.
The panorama of Bales beach

On the beach.

Rocking on.

Urchin about.
Half Urchin.
Beached az
"Marty, will the crab be ok?" "Yes Garth, it is just resting." Phew.
Blue starfish.
Palm star.
Dune life.
As beautiful as Vivonne Bay, Stokes Bay and Bales beach are, it is Antechamber bay that is surely the best in my eyes. It is on the north coast looking towards the mainland and has beautiful clear blue water, a long uninterrupted white sand beach and the best part is there was not a soul about. Simply a beautiful place.
Antechamber bay panorama

The calm and stunningly blue waters

A white empty and nearly untouched beach.

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