Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Kangarooing around

So many fun things, the Lavender farm on KI is great, not just for all the lavender products, but John will give you some great info, and if you catch him on a day when he isn't busy he might even come out and give you a little tour too.

Head down bottom up for the bees to make honey.

Don't forget to try the lavender scones too, surprisingly nice. Who would have thought, the odour of all our grandmothers in a scone!

For those with a love of very rich things, try the lavender fudge. Something I just can't explain, but in a good way.
It is also where I landed this great Damsel Fly pic (admittedly after many attempts, the little buggers keep moving)


Ysabella said...

I love lavender! And also your photos of it...

Gee Em said...

Thanks Ysabella! I really appreciate that. Do you like the new look of the site?

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